EMS Muscle Stimulation Trainer Fitness Abdominal

$28.99 $34.99

This Electric Pulse Abs and Muscle Stimulator adopts the most advanced EMS technology and is made of high-quality material so that you can build a charming body shape without even lifting a finger under its help! This training gear is secure and efficient!

  • You can use the ABS stimulator to gain tighter and stronger muscles and perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for about 20 minutes per day. This body toner machine is for muscle training and body slimming.
  • You can use this EMS ab trainer anytime, anywhere. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) through current stimulation, directly send the signal to muscles, and promote muscle movement. All you have to do is to fit the stomach toner to your body and let it exercise your muscles. No harm to the human body and just let you enjoy scientific and healthy fitness.
  • The Abdominal belt is super light, ultra-thin, convenient to carry on, the abdominal exerciser can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes. Exercise while reading or doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips.
  • It's super light, ultra-thin, WEARABLE, and convenient to carry on. Body Fit Pad can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for muscle training while reading, watching a movie or doing housework, or even during business or leisure trips.


  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Project Type:: Massage and Relaxation
  • Body Material: Cotton, ABS