Cavitation LED Cellulite/Fat Burner


This Cavitation LED Cellulite/Fat Burner adopts the update BTL high-frequency technology, which is "ultrasound + RF", combined with Red & Blue light therapy, is designed for body slimming, skin tightening, lighten fine lines, etc. There are three main modes for this device, which LED therapy can be combined with the other two modes.

  • Portable multifunctional body shaping massager: skin firming, fat removal, makes you improve sleep and relax. Fit for the following parts: front arm, belly, upper leg, back, waist, and hip. It is convenient for you to use at home and on the go.
  • The fat remover machine can also promote circulation, improve the absorption of the skincare product, and keep the skin elastic. Fat-Burning Machine suitable for various skin types improves skin vitality, promotes metabolism and circulation, makes skin release collagen, improves skin dryness to maintain your softer skin.


  • RF therapy mode: 6 million times/minute high-frequency radio waves for skin tightening, reduce cellulite, lighten fine lines.
  • Cavitation ultrasonic mode: The 1 MHz ultrasound therapy which is often used by professional slimming machines. High-frequency vibration caused by ultrasound therapy can remove cellulite deep under the skin, reduce stubborn fat, achieve the slimming and body shaping effect.
  • LED red blue light therapy mode: The red & blue lights are high-intensity cold light. They can improve skin condition, tender skin, help you regain young and vitality skin.
  • Auto Power-off function: The default time setting for each mode is 5 minutes. The device will back to Standby mode after 5 minutes. The standby mode is 2 minutes. The device turns off automatically after 2 minutes. Auto turns off the timer to avoid overuse & overtreatment or forgot to turn off the device.