Body Weight Loss Slimming Device


The EMS Abdominal and Full Trainer uses the most advanced EMS technology to trigger muscle contractions, perfect for both men and women. EMS the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses, Electric Muscle Stimulator ABS can be utilized as a strength training tool for healthy subjects & athletes.

  • Hip Trainer Machine could be used as a rehabilitation & preventive tool for partially or completely immobilized patients, it could be utilized as a testing tool for evaluating the neural or muscular function in vivo.
  • Extra belly fat can be super difficult to get rid of and with a busy schedule, it can feel impossible to go to the gym. Melt away fat, tone, and make muscle fast! Whether you are at home standing up cooking, sitting down watching TV or in the office working, this provides an advanced workout for both men & women that helps create a great looking body.
  • This trainer device has 4 pads on each side giving it 8 in total which covers the total abdominal area! It works to burn fat as well as strengthen & tighten abdominal muscles including the 8 pack abs.
  • The rechargeable muscular strength training device is designed by professionals for bodybuilding, can be used for various partial body exercises, has 6 exercise modes and 10 intensity levels, from warm-up to exercise high intensity and finally relaxation, relaxation, and exercise.
  • Electric Muscle Stimulator ABS Designed with ergonomics for abdominal muscle exercises. Attach the fitness equipment to the desired position to strengthen your muscles. You can use this muscle toner anywhere and anytime. Is light.