Muscle Massage Roller Fitness Equipment

$29.99 $36.99

Not got time to head to a professional, or just self-conscious about the idea? Our roller will provide the same benefits as a sports massage and can help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation while also loosening knots.

  • Yoga is a great way to shape you to be a better you upon scores of aspects, it helps calm you down, improve your moods, adjust physiology, benefit sleep and recovery, as well as slim your body. This Resin Roller helps your yoga exercise with more training methods, along with the doubled above efficiency to you.
  • The Leg Tummy Trainer, made of upgrade high-quality plastic and spring, much stronger than the old one, durable and difficult to crack. This workout essential will help you sweat it out, train your body, and build up your muscles.
  • If you' ve overdone things in the gym, our superb Yoga Block set can help to loosen and relieve tired muscles. Sometimes a cool-down stretch isn't enough, and the resin roller can really help prevent aching and injury caused by a hard work-out.
  • Those pesky deposits of fat at the tops of your thighs are something every woman dreads. Using a roller can help break up the cellulite for dimple-free skin. More and more people in our living desire one perfect body. This resistance training tool works out your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt. It can not only lose your weight but also shape your body. Let you own one perfect and sexy body.


  • Material: EVA and ABS
  • Style: Massage roller, pilates foam roller
  • Size: 30*10cm
  • Color: black, blue, green, purple
  • Foam roller: massage roller