3-in-1 Body Beauty Slimming Massager


Hoping to drop a few pounds and shape a charming body? Want a quick, safe, pain-free, and easy way to get rid of all that stubborn fat? Jiggly arms and thighs lowering your self-confidence?

  • This 3-in-1 Body Beauty Slimming Massager is famous among models to achieve a firm & toned body! Use at the comfort of your own home or travel and way more cost-effective than going to slimming centers and spa clinics! Say bye-bye to flabby arms, flabby tummies, muffin tops, cellulite, etc!
  • The 3 in 1 Body Slimming Machine is a multifunctional device that performs numerous functions such as removing fat from required areas, tightening the skin, relieving fatigue, and aging. The massager can be used on different parts of the body such as arms, legs, waist, back, belly, and hip easily.
  • The wavelength generated is very close to the vibrational frequency of the cellular molecules of the body that are capable of causing resonance absorption medium, friction produces heat, increases, and circulation of blood.
  • Its use on the body can reduce swelling, help lift and tighten the skin, scaling the legs from the hip of the arms abdomen. You can use for body shaping, muscle massaging, skincare, and also use in many parts of the body, such as the face, arm, waist, legs, hip, etc.


  • The Ultrasonic wave massage helps you to burn the fat and tighten your skin.
  • The Infrared ray helps to restore the skin elasticity and activate the body cells more thoroughly, regulate internal secretion, accelerate consuming of fat, and achieve the effect of massaging and relaxing.
  • Infrared stimulation causes the cells to vibrate against each other and produce heat, which speeds up the fat-burning process.
  • EMS stimulates the muscles with passive movement under micro-current. Muscular movement consumes fat, sugar, and carbohydrate of surrounding tissue.
  • 5 modes of EMS: Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Slimming with 5 levels of intensity for your choice
  • High-frequency vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second helps to combat stubborn subcutaneous fat - Effective for fat layers as thick as 3-5 cm (1.2-2.0")
  • Enhances blood circulation and also promotes the absorption of nutrition for gel, cream, oil or serum nutrition penetrates deep into our skin - Slows down the aging process by stimulating cell regeneration. After the subcutaneous fat is heated up, the cell regeneration process and fat excretion process is much faster
  • Gives relief from chronic back pains
  • Apply fat burning lotion or slimming gel and massage it into the skin with this device for the best results!
  • Uses stainless steel for the massager's head for the best conductivity, which optimizes the fat burning process
  • The device surface does not heat up, making it safe for direct contact with skin and reduces the wear-and-tear of its components.